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New Drug Combo Combats Ovarian Cancer

Every week, I summarize an exciting medical study for a general audience and a more specialized audience. Which version of the article do you want to read?                   Written for the general public A new drug combination could be more effective against some forms of relapsed ovarian cancer, according… Read More

My Latest Work for The Wildlife Society

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on Specimen Ridge, but I’ve had good reason.  I recently started an editorial internship with The Wildlife Society. My posts on Specimen Ridge will probably be sparse for the next few months as Majas I continue balancing time between my dissertation research and this new editorial I internship. However, you can… Read More

Scientist takes Hearing Lessons from Mother Nature

If you like rock concerts, you should be envious of chickens and zebra fish.  cheap jerseys Unlike humans, these simple animals can actually regrow cells damaged from the raging music. “We think we’re finally getting clues as to why this is possible,” says Kate Barald, a cell and developmental biology professor at the University of… Read More